Thursday, August 11, 2005

Old Enough to Abort, Too Young to Write

A new television ad from NARAL links John Roberts to abortion clinic bombings., among others, has taken the ad to task. NARAL has issued a lengthy press-release in response to NARAL begins:'s analysis of the television advertisement released by NARAL Pro-Choice America on August 8, 2005 is deeply flawed, and its conclusion that the ad is false is unsubstantiated and should be retracted. The analysis, written by Matthew Barge, identified as a recent college graduate, is riddled with legal and factual errors and in many instances virtually mirrors the White House's talking points. One might disagree with the opinions stated in the ad or even have a different view of how John Roberts' role in a particular case should be characterized; however, every factual statement made in NARAL Pro-Choice America's ad is completely accurate
and supported by objective documents.

NARAL suggests that's analysis is less worthy because it was written by a "recent college graduate." Yet, NARAL aggressively lobbies for the rights of minors to have abortions without parental consent. NARAL's position, in short: At fifteen, a girl is capable of deciding whether to abort a fetus, but won't be capable of writing a critical essay for at least ten years.


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