Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reality Check

If you check the websites for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and the other major on-line news sources, you'll find that the most common current headlines concern the war in Iraq, rising oil prices, and a hurricane that is threatening Florida.

Yet, the liberal magazine The Progressive seems focused on a different story. The headline that has appeared in large, bold print on The Progressive for several days now is:

Santorum’s People Toss Young Women out of Barnes &
Noble, Trooper Threatens Them with Prison
The shocking article begins:

On the evening of August 10, Hannah Shaffer of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, decided to go to the nearby Barnes & Noble outside of Wilmington. She wanted to see Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who was promoting his book, “It Takes a Family.” The event was billed as a “book signing and discussion,” Shaffer says. But discussion was the last thing that the Senator’s people wanted.

It might be time to delete The Progressive from the Liberal Sites section of this blog. I may have over-estimated its value. On the other hand, I was considering adding a section for Humor Sites, and The Progressive might work well for that.


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