Sunday, August 14, 2005

World War IV

A new site, Mideast Wire, gathers stories from newspapers in the Middle East and translates them into English.

According to the site, a recent column by Al Nabusi in the Lebanese paper As Safir addressed Islamic terrorism. Al Nabusi wrote:

Why is this chaotic killing taking place everywhere in Iraq and in other countries in the name of Islamic law? Islamic law is being hit by thousands of wrong interpretations and is costing thousands of innocent lives.

Is Islam calling for killing people just because those people disagree in opinion or on religion? The dilemma is that those people who are calling for violence are only following their ignorant interpretations of Islam. Those people who are calling for violence are not following the Holy Book or the prophet’s teachings or even the logical mind in choosing what is good and rejecting what is evil. Calling for an Islamic revolt through violence and killing innocent people is against the principles of the religion itself. Islam is based on freedom and not on imposing things against man's will. . . .

Yes the Western governments colonized and stole the Muslim land but does Islam allow us to kill their public? No it does not. We are living in their land freely and securely and we have laws and agreements we accepted to respect when we live on their land; therefore, we have no right to hate everything Western even if it is an innocent child, or a peaceful man, or an elder woman. Those terrorists are not following Islamic law but the law of the jungle - May God preserve Islam from them.

What is striking about this column is not its content, but rather that fact that it needs to be written. Does it really need to be said that "an Islamic revolt through violence and killing innocent people is against the principle of religion itself?" Apparently so. And, in an "independent" "opposition" newspaper, at that.

Why? Because there are many, many people who disagree with Al Nabusi's opinion. It is those people with whom we are at War. So says Norman Podhoretz.


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